Deborah Kahuthu


To be a centre of excellence in teaching, learning, research and service to humanity in pursuit of knowledge of the word of God and to have a society which has children and adults who are God fearing and uphold the Christian values of love, moral integrity, self-control and respect.


To facilitate learning and enhance provision of adequate information for a knowledge society.

We endeavor to make disciples by instilling knowledge through education for life.


To cultivate a culture of learning in our church To have a modern well stocked library to aid in research To enable all in church and in the society to be able to use information technology facilities (computers, laptops) through construction of modern automated rooms To ensure children and youths are attended to via pastoral programmes To reach and harvest many souls to Christ Educate members through seminars on mission and mandate of Christian education Have a thorough recruitment of committed members and have them commissioned Turn the acquired room into a library, have it stocked with relevant books and reading materials Embrace technology by creating space for a well enabled I.T. facility Engage all professionals in church from all fields to give input into the group and church Seek out-of box financing options to enable the group undertake all its events and even investwidely Purchase a big land to give room for extensive growth and development of the group to the benefit of all in gaining knowledge for the glory of God Copyright.


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

This Years’ Theme

John 10:10 b “…. Our Christian education our life”.


We pride in a growing, potential membership and have faith that God’s grace and favor shall continue to be upon us all

Roles of Christisn Education in Church & Society

Christian Education is the work of the church, the Christian home, the Christian school, and Christian in whatever societal setting they find themselves:
1. Organize teaching forums for church members through seminars and training forums
2. Involvement in the spiritual development of students and other stakeholders in the learning institutions
3. Practical involvement in pastoral programme of instructions(PPI)
4. Organize mentorship programs
5. Seek forums with teachers aimed at understanding their specific needs and rewards pupil on their performance in the national exams
6. Partnering with other stake holders in improvement of physical instructors in the learning institutions
7. To provide a library for leadership needs